April, 12 2010

Thanks to Toni Pace for her notes!

You can playback TV shows in HD from your iPad…TV shows downloaded from the Apple Store…Thre is a dongle from Apple that goes from iPad to projector VGA adapter.

Video out to Projector

Video application

Keynote application plays video out to a projector

With Keynote…you see the cursor move on the screen, but not on the iPad…

LAPUG.com = LAPUG web site.

iPad – is like a big iPod Touch.  It is a computer.  

You get:


You don’t get:


iBooks application:

You have to download the iBooks application.  You need an account on the iTunes store…Does not read pdfs…but other applications do read pdfs…

When you download the iBooks application the first time, you get Winnie the Pooh book for free.   You can change the font size. Each time you tap it, it gets larger and larger..Can change the font.    You can highlight the text and you can double tap a word and bring up a dictionary.   To highlight drag over the text and and select bookmarks….and you can change the color…and you can bookmark and go back to multiple bookmarks  (from library menu)…Can search for keywords and it shows every instance of that word…

Highlighting and tapping a footnote asterisk takes you to the actual footnote….and then tap the asterisk again in the footnote and It takes you back..

You can download audible books from audible.com

You can download books multiple times from the Apple Store.  And you can get free samples.  The format the books are in is the ePub format.  All the 10,000s of titles that already exist in ePub format can be added in iTunes books section.  You can google ePub books on the net and find lots of free ePub books.

There are PDF readers for the iPad..

To buy books from Amazon for the iPad…use the Amazon Kindle app..All the books you have purchased via Amazon are available,,,,but magazine subscriptions do not go to the iPad…Kindle books don’t have color.

Magazines on the iPad—
Zinio made a free app…and once you download the app you can buy magazines on either single issues…and as subscription…
Can make screenshots and send it to people…
But you can’t highlight or bookmark….and you can’t print…

Can have 220 apps on your iPad..

PDF Applications

Good Reader   ($1)
Comes with no pdfs…
To get PDFs onto your iPad:
Go to airport icon in the iPad application …And go to Finder>Go>Connect to Server on your Mac
Mounts your iPad application on your desktop and you can drag your PDFs in folders onto your iPad
Can download directly from a URL PDF into the iPad application.
Don’’t know about highlighting and bookmarking…
Also has a manage files feature…
There is documentation on the application within the application itself.

Business Applications:

Pages, Numbers, Keynote   ($10 each)

Pages—can’t make your own template on the iPad…but if you have created a template on your Mac in Pages, you can get it to your iPad.   Move the template from the iWorks Library to the desktop..Have the iPad connected to your Mac.  Open iTunes>Apps>go down to File sharing at the bottom of the page..Can drag to Pages document and it will then move over when the iPad syncs again..To access your template, you hit the  folder at the top right corner….You have to use the Pages template to have it function as a template.  If it wasn’t saved as a template, you will overwrite the document.

Keynote is not as full featured as the desktop version.  The iPad version is a subset of the full version.   Only works in landscape mode.

Numbers – check out the Weight Loss template

Favorite apps

Bento   ($4.99)   (no Filemaker Pro app)
OmniGraffle- $50  (Charting/Design Applications)
Evernote—can store notes in a cloud
One Password
Associated Press app
NPR app
For Google News, you have to go to web site
AIM Instant messenging app is not bad—works as iChat
USA Today app  (free app)
Marvel Comics (app)
Log Me In Ignition   (can connect to his server at home and launch an application) ($30)  Good for remote troubleshooting
Dragon dictation – lets you store multiple notes—iPhone version only lets you do one note.  And you must be connected to the internet because it sends the info to their servers..(Free)
Kayak – a travel site…for booking flights and hotels.
Flight track – good app
BBC News – good app
Sketchpad —for drawing
ABC Player – very nice – plays their episodes streaming…You need a relatively fast wifi connection for it to work smoothly.
Recorder – voice recorder
IMDB app
NY Times app – Editor’s Choice version is free.
Dictionary app
Pandora – radio app—but you can’t stream music while you are doing other things on the iPad…
Gap app
Bloomberg app

A Universal app is one you only have to pay for once whether you use it on the iPhone and the iPad.  But each developer has their only policy.

IPhone OS 4
Full multi-tasking in 3GS only
Original iPhone will not be upgradable

More apps

Skype works on the iPad….but it’s in the smaller size…You can press the 2x button…and it makes the interface larger…It allows you to make calls over the internet.  You can use your iPhone headset to make a call on your iPad…Can call anyone in US or Canada for $35 per year…but not Mexico…

When traveling overseas, make all your calls via Wifi in Wifi cafes and make call…Most European countries are 2 cents a  minute for landline calls via Skype…more for cell phones….They are working on an iPad version.

IQuake Light – tells you where earthquakes have happened.

Piano app – can play with both hands (upper and lower with different octaves)

Disney Digital Books – first book is free…the pages are interactive

Roambi – personal version is free….can look at tabular data…

Memeo Connect – connects to Google Dos and allows you to look at your Google Docs…only a reader…you can’t edit  your documents.

Starwalk – allows you to see the stars above you…

Most major banks are coming out with iPad apps…but in the meantime, you can go through Safari.

iPad will take forever to charge if you use an iPhone charger.  Has a different charger.  Very few USB hubs will charge the iPad.  The Ipad charges and discharges very slowly compared to the iPhone.  The biggest power draw is the screen itself.   You can play iTunes on the iPad 140 hours.

Printing from the iPad…there are apps that do it…Mainly it will allow you to print pdfs to an boujour enabled printer.    Right now, printing is just a hack..

There will be no tethering with the iPad…

When you connect your iPad to iTunes, you select the apps you want to download to the iPad.

iPhone apps will run on the iPad but only at iPhone size.