Charlie Shipp's note for 9-13-2010

Los Angeles Portable Users Group   9-13-2010   Santa Monica CA

Phil Goodman and Ben Levy presented to about 25 attendees. 7pm setup.

Digital Watchdog does home-security with live video feed with four cameras.  Motion sensors can trigger a text message with the video/photo. Consider Neighborhood Watch for cooperation.  You can store to your harddrive.  Infrared lights can show black-and-white images even in pitch black night. Add alarms.

News of the day includes:   iPhone iOS 4.1 is running.  With iPhone 3G the speed improves.  It has the new features such as folders, etc.  ‘Hold’ is replaced with ‘Mute’, using ‘FaceTime’.  If you tap-and-hold the ‘Mute’ button, you can return to prior functionality of ‘Hold’.  You can also press the ‘home’ button and still talk and work (top of screen has a blinking green bar to indicate to still talk.)

In any list, you can tap the time at the top and return to the list-top.  This also applies to websites under Safari viewed on iPhone or iPad.

News also:  ‘Games Center’, ‘iTunes TV show rentals’, and ‘iTunes Ping’.

We discussed the GPS feature of iPhone, which acts as a receiver only.  Cellphone towers can keep track of where you are. Maps need a data download.  Some Nav programs allow you to download all of the maps you need, such as the TomTom App for the iPhone.   Navigon does also, it is huge.  For $29 you can get the west coast.  

TomTom uses voice, but not on the iPhone.  “Left, you must make”, Yoda. 

With iTunes TV, you can now rent TV shows for $0.99 and Amazon has purchases for $0.99 which you can download and store.  With rentals, they self-destruct and self-erase.  

Game Center is popular and allows collaboration. You follow friends.  It is for iOS 4 devices. For hardware reasons it isn’t for iPhone 3G.  

iTunes Ping is under ‘store’ on the left side of iTunes.  You need to ‘opt in’ to Ping and it will then track your purchases, for your friends to notice.   This notices music purchases, not iTune/iPhone app purchases.  You can limit your group of friends and make it private.  Your friends can hear a couple of bars of music and decide to buy it also.  Ping comes with iTunes 10 and you have access when you switch to iPhone iOS 4.1.   

What else is part of iOS 4.1?   HDR photography is new to iPhone (high dynamic range) balances the depth and foreground properly.  Default is HDR off, but when ‘on’ it makes three photos, under-, over-exposed, and overlaid.  You can set options. 

The new iPod-touch (4th generation) has a camera built in.  It is thinner.  Pat bought her new ‘Nano’, like a postage stamp, large size.  In the future, FaceTime will allow chat between Apple and IBM users.   IChat is software on a Mac and runs on AOL;  FaceTime is proprietary and only works with iOS for now.  This year, it only works via WiFi.  

The iPod Classic is still available, not mentioned in the announcements. 

$399 for the iPod-touch.  Low end is $49.  You have HDR photo upload directly from iPhone to YouTube or other websites. 

Mac OS X birthday:  beta released today ten years ago:  $19.99 at first. 

What is new in iTunes besides Ping?  You can make your own ring-tones, but hey are not available from Apple now.  You can bring up GarageBand, create a new project, “my song” so you have 40 seconds. Drag over a track of music. Under ‘Share’, send and import to iTunes. You can make your own sound effects.  

Office2HD can move from DropBox to Pages (see reviews.)  Windows 7 Mobile is by Microsoft but not for iPhone. We will cover Office 2011 in November. 

IBM people that send you files need to uncheck your eMail address that says, “can interpret rich text”,  i.e., uncheck the box.

Apple TV can sync to your Macintosh and music can reside on Apple TV harddrive.  They also added ability to rent and buy movies and shows. Phil has the 40Gigabyte version.  Apple realized that syncing was an issue. New Apple TV is the size of a large hockey puck, for $99. Without a harddrive, it is streaming and not storing.  NetFlix is added also.   You want a 3Megabits connection.  

CineXPlayer works well now as an app for your iPhone. 

Apple still has to approve newly written apps, even though some aspects allow other hardware;  they want to avoid government scrutiny of monopoly.  Security is still appreciated.   Flash can be used but rules still apply in app behavior.  

If you bought an iPhone 4, the free case offer goes away after a month.  Some of us received a credit back on our charge card accounts.  Batteries are better.

We talked about getting videos in the format you will like.  Miro app is free and coverts video formats.  You just drag the file onto the app icon and choose the device type.  “Miro Video Converter” works very fast.  

Another free app allows copying the URL with a video on it and “ClipGrab” works.  Example, MP4 in high resolution, saved to the desktop.  

For pdfPenPro 5 there are new features.  You can download a website in detail as a pdf.  This allows editing pdf files without the expensive version of Acrobat Pro. Price is $50 and $100 for Pro.   If you are not going to create forms, or this edit feature, you don’t need Pro. 

FYI, Google-search added real-time quick results which you see as you type. 

FileMaker Pro comes to mobile units like iPad and iOS.   It was released at the end of July.  FileMaker Go is for the iPad, and a different version for iPhone.    Phil attended their announcement and the entire package is included in the app. 

If you have a filemaker database, you can eMail it to yourself to load to your iPad. “Would you like to open this in FileMaker Go?”  and “Yes” brings it to your iPad or iPhone. Phil showed editing individual record entries on his iPad. 

There are services that will host your database for about $10/month.  This allows multiple customers to access, such as and and others.   You may want to create a password to give out to them. Access-level rights can also be structured. 

If set up with more than one person able to edit, single record locking occurs so that only one person can edit an individual record while others can still view the rest of the FileMakerPro database.  When that record is ready, another can edit it.

Phil showed adding features to the FileMakerPro database/system.  You can have an iPad interface that is different than your desktop interface. Navigation is by touch, in this instance, not typing.  The data underneath is the same.  

For $1.99 you can have a third-party app for the iPad for Facebook that avoids all the ads.  The name is ‘friendly’.

Ben Levy showed entertaining slides and video and we held a door prize drawing.