Toni Pace's Meeting Notes for 5-10-2010

LAPUG Notes 5-10-10

2 Data Plans from AT&T for your iPad

$14.95  250 mgs up and down

$30 month – unlimited data

Unllike the phone—there is a month to month charge…There is no requirement for a multi-year contract.

Re: International Travel

Turn off data roaming on the iPhone and iPad  when travelling abroad….to avoid an exorbitant charge.

Before you leave, contact A T & T and they will explain the international roaming rates…

Can get flat rate for certain plans

Settings>General>Usage – this tells you how much data you have used…

Press reset  on the statistic button when you get on the plane so you know how much you are using internationally.

In India for 19 days – Paul was able to stay under the 20 MBs by monitoring it very carefully…Voice Mail is data information…and that counts under your data usage..

A T & T for an extra fee will let you call Canada with your regular phone minutes..

When travelling—Identify WiFi where you are —and use the WiFi….then there are no A T & T charges…

Pages on the iPad

How to get document to your computer

•  Icon on the lower left of the bottom of the page…

•  email it to yourself or  send it to which is a web site where you can access it or

• Export….save it as a Pages doc….Go to iTunes…Apps tab>Scroll down to bottom>and you will see Pages….and then highlight the document and you can save it to your desktop…

The commands in Pages are only accessible when the iPad is in Portrait orientation.

You can move a document back to the iPad from the computer by dragging the document on the computer into the window at the bottom of the App tab in iTunes.

The same process applies to Numbers and Keynote.

You cannot print from the iPad using any software provided by Apple.

When you create an entry in the Address book on your computer and it is in a group, it syncs and goes into the correct group on your iPad and your iPhone.  However, if you enter a new entry on the iPad or iPhone it doesn’t go into the correct group when you sync—unless you are in a group when you create it.  But you can always put it in the right group when you are on your computer.

Re: Verizon iPhone

Apple confirmed that A T & T iPhone agreement goes to 2012 so the Verizon iPhone is not imminent.

New iPhone announcement may come out on June 7 (week of WWDC – World Wide Developers Conference)…. but then the phone may come at the end of the month…

City of LA has committed to Google Apps for their IT needs.  

Reading PDFs on the iPad

ePub is the standard for iBook

Calibre —translates pdf files into ePub….download it via Version Tracker…and once you have the ePub- drag it into the books section of iTunes and when you sync it will get to the iPad…

Transferring files into Good Reader

•  Email yourself a pdf to your iPad and you can get the pdf into Good Reader

•  Get the wifi address from Good Reader and then put that wifi address (with http://) and then put into your Go to Server…and connect to that wifi address…and then the iPad becomes a hard drive on your desktop and you can then create folders and put your pdf documents into folders.

iPDF – lets you do mark-ups in the PDF…

DropBox – if you have pdfs in your dropbox on your computer…and have dropbox on your iPad…you can move the pdfs from the computer to the iPad.  The documents automatically sync when you log into your Dropbox account on the web. Good Reader can access the pdf files in Dropbox.  iPDF may not be able to access pdfs brought to the iPad via Dropbox.


Works well on the iPad.  Check out the features of 1P at the top of the browser.  You don’t actually need to know your own password….1Password can create it and then enter into the web site whenever you go there.

Notes on the iPad

Evernote has an app for the iPad, iPhone and the Mac.

Simple note (for the iPhone and just now for the iPad

Text notes sync to the cloud….Can access the cloud..but they don’t have a Mac application.

Notational velocity—unrelated app on the Mac….syncs to the Simple Note service on the cloud and thus to the iPad

Jott is another application that syncs notes from iPhone to Mac…but you have to pay for it.

Mobile Me syncs notes if you check it in iTunes and it syncs manually over the USB cable…It doesn’t sync ToDos.

Apple might make Mobile Me free….to compete with other cloud services.

Maybe they will get new revenue from iAd which will come out with iPhone OS4.

Find My Phone is a feature which can make the iphone make a ping noise even if the volume is turned down.

Can use Go to Meeting on the iPad

Playing avi or wmv videos on the iPad

Air Video – free app that you put on your computer where the avi and wmv files are and your iPad.  The Mac plays the files…the app on the Mac converts the files on the fly and streams the video files to the iPad…

You can get Air Video at the iTunes store.

iSquint – is a file conversion utility.

News Feed Free – App that aggregates news feeds

Can customize it….It’s an iPhone app

A T & T Coverage Booster—3G MicroCell

You offload their service from their towers to your internet connection.

Buy it for $150 flat

Buy it for $100 rebate-and then you pay $20 and all your A T & T minutes are free.

Was a review in MacWorld…and they loved it.

Take the box home and set it up yourself.  

To install:  Log in to your AT & T account and activate it by typing in the serial number of the device….you can associate up to 10 cell numbers to it…Only 4 can use it simultaneously,.  It only works in your house.  Once it is activated…Plug it into your internet router…It needs to be near a window and it has a GPS built-in.  They can only provide 911 service if they know your GPS coordinates….It takes 2 hrs for it to lock-on once you start setting it up…Sound quality is phenomenal within a certain range..

Can plug into the Airport Extreme which is actually a router.

By the way, if there is no signal at all, it won’t work.