Toni Pace's Meeting Notes for 2015-11-09

Question:  Do you need to have your old computer running El Capitan when migrating your programs and data to a new computer with El Capitan?

•  Use Migration Assistant to migrate..

•  Could use to check to see if your programs are up to date

•  Make sure all your programs are compatible with El Capitan 

• lists programs and what OS system they are compatible with.

Phil is leading an Apple workshop this Thursday from 7pm to 9pm..”IOS for Business”

Sign up at Third Street Promenade

Allison Sheridan – runs the podcast….NosillaCast podcast.

Her show is 30-50 minutes… is her website


You can go to on anyone’s computer and log in with your account

and see your programs….and your documents

Keynote, Pages and Numbers are now out of Beta

You can see your programs and documents in the cloud..

And this works from any computer.

The master document can be saved to iCloud and to your computer.

There is access to the iCloud drive in Yosemite and El Capitan…and files are saved both locally and on the iCloud drive remotely.  You get 5 gigs for free and for 99 cents you get 50 gigs…

System Preferences>iCloud>Manage

You have to have everything mirrored on your computer from the iCloud drive.

Dropbox – you don’t have to have everything in Dropbox on your computer

Dropbox Settings> Preferences>Account>Change Settings – Selective Sync.

You can check and uncheck the folders you want copied on the computer.

You can have 1 TB of data in Dropbox and only half that amount of data on your computer hard drive.  When you change your preferences not to sync, the files will be deleted on your hard drive.  (Back up before you change your preferences)

In the IOS drive, Dropbox only shows what is in Dropbox…you only check what you do want downloaded to your device.


News App (on iCloud)

What if you want to publish your blog to Apple’s web site.

News Publisher…this app allows you to be a publisher and fill out a form…Link on Apple Website to get to News Publisher

Find My Friends app and opt in…and you have to download the app..

New Macs

27” iMac…now available at 5K

21” iMac…now available at 4K

Apple has updates to hardware:

•  Magic Trackpad (now more expensive)

•  Wireless Keyboard

•  both have been replaced with larger versions

Keyboard – larger and thinner…there are no removable batteries and they recharge with a lightning connector which plugs into your computer or USB socket.  Charge holds for 1-2 months.

•  To pair the device to your computer:  Just turn it on…and take the lightning cable and plug it into the computer and its paired forever.

Requires El Capitan as your OS X.

New Apple TV

Channels on Apple TV are just apps.

The future of TV is apps.

You log into the App store on Apple TV and download the channels you want (each channel is an app).

The new remote can also be used as a game controller – has an accelerometer and a gyroscope built in.

The remote has a touch surface and Siri built in.

When you press and hold the Siri button, you can tell it what you want…popular shows listed as comedies (if that is what you want)…It will search all your channels simultaneously….and then report back to you…and you can choose what channel you want to look at for that particular show.

Amazon Prime is not one of the choices.  You can get Amazon Prime on your iPhone and iPad and then use Airplay to put the content on your screen.

(Amazon sells Apple computers)

Apple is working with the traditional networks to provide their content through the Apple TV.  Rumor is they would charge less.  Getting the content from the local channels would also need to be negotiated.

•  Can’t access Apple Music on Apple TV if you don’t have the new Apple TV.

•  Can also play games on the new Apple TV…more like iPhone games…and developers are working on make their current games available.

•  There are fitness programs available.

•  There is a Gilt app for shopping

•  You can get AirBnB…you can browse location on your big screen TV

•  Apple TV Pricing $149 or $199 …difference in price is based on storage (games, etc).

You can’t upgrade later.

•  And there is a wireless controller for gamers ($49.99).  You can use an iPhone for a second controller if the game supports two controllers with one as an iPhone.

•  What do you do with a old Apple TV?…works great in a conference room and for streaming from your iPhone via AirPlay to a TV.  Can use it instead of a projector to a TV.. .Take the HDMI cable from back of Apple TV into a TV.  Can use WiFi if you have a strong signal… 

•  Remote app allows you to use the keyboard on your iPhone to enter data into your old Apple TV…doesn’t work yet on the new Apple TV.

El Capitan is much faster than Yosemite…even on older machines.

Sometimes older software will interfere with an upgrade.

Always have multiple back-ups before upgrading.  Always have an off-site back-up.