Toni Pace's Notes for 12-13-2010

LAPUG Notes, 12-13-10

Rogue Amoeba makes good audio software..for hearing a concert over the internet.  They are broadcasting on Sirius

You can do something similar on your iPhone…with an internet connection…Musicdoc = put in your Sirius name and password and you can hear the music on your iPhone.

Ben uses Squeezeplay….and it is open source software..

Can have full access to your home audio library calendar has changed..One problem is it can create duplicate calendars..

Should practice good back-ups before you make the transition.

iCal - Do a File>Export>iCal Archives..

iCal - Do a File>Export>Export ....can export each calendar at a time.

On the IoS  devices, tell them to stop syncing…and then delete the calendars

Create one new calendar on your main computer..

Then upgrade to the new calendar system based on Caldev…

Phil has not upgraded his Dropbox account, but has upgraded his Evernote account.

IOS 4.2 (for iPad and iPhone)

This operating system has a print capability.  Have a dozen printers that are supported.  Most people don't have the new printers…

How to print:

Need to be on a wifi network to do it

If you are in Mail, and you go to hit reply, there is now another button called Print...and if you hit that button, it looks for printers on your network.

Airprint Activator….free app that helps …   You have to be running Snow Leopard.  Go to System Preferences, delete all your printers and then add them back on while the Airprint Activator is running.  Then make sure that printer can be shared…It uses your computer to print.  Your Mac is re-sharing your printer.  Mac and iPad and printer have to be on the same wifi network.

Another way to print from the iPad is Printopia –  It installs a Preference pane.  It costs $10 and it is a Mac application.  It turns all your printers into Air Print enabled printers.  Everything has to be on the same wifi network….the Mac, the iPad and the printers.  Can make a pdf and send it automatically to the Mac.  Can also send it to the Dropbox on the Mac…which means you can now access it from any computer.  Printopia allows you to print to a dropbox.  You can print from Mail on the iPad with this application.

IOS 4.2

Has feature which shows you apps which are currently running and you can switch to them…Double tap the home button to show the apps that are running.


Works with music and video…If you have other devices on your network, with Apple TV for example, with Airport Express you can play your iTunes library through your speakers (used to be called Air Tunes).   While a TV show is playing, you can play it on your iPad and/or you can play it on your TV if you have an Apple TV, you can play it on your TV instead of your iPad…the video will play wirelessly on the TV  Use the iPad as a source of the video for the TV..

Closing apps on your iPad will actually save memory

App Switch is a good app for seeing what is running on your iPad

Printer Pro lets you print stuff you already have on your iPad…When it prints, it shows you what printers are available.  You can print contacts.

MacBook Air

You can sync to two different devices

Phil syncs his apps to his laptop….He carries his iPad and his Air when he travels.  

I can sync books, media etc to my iPad with my MacBook Pro

I can sync iPad apps to my Macbook Air, if I want..

CineXPlayer  - lets you install videos that the Videos normally won’t play like .avi files..

MacBook Air –

Can transfer files via Migration Assistant.  It works over a wifi network…and it will see another computer.  It is very very slow…Can’t use USB from computer to computer.  Can use SuperDuper back-up so you have a clone of your old Mac.  Migration Assistant will also do a migration from another hard drive back up using USB.  That will work quickly.   Could take an hour or two.  Macbook Air using Flash memory is much much faster than a hard drive.

Substitutes for Quicken 7, but Phil still uses Quicken 7.