Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-04-09


•  Instagram…Facebook just bought them for $1 Billion

• If your phone is out of contract, A T & T will allow you to unlock the phone…which means if you travel internationally you can put a foreign local SIM in it—which gives you an new international local phone number.  Or move to another service like T-Mobile.   With T-Mobile, the data rate is very slow….for phone calls, it’s OK.  Overseas it’s hard to find a SIM that will give you data…you only get phone calls easily.  If you are overseas, you should try to use Wifi as much as possible…call with Skype on Wifi.

•  New Macs

Intel is coming out with new chips…and new Macs will likely come up with the new chips in a couple of months.

Mac Pros—hasn’t been updated in 18 months.  May be discontinued.

•  New movies in the works about Steve Jobs.  Austin Kusher playing Steve Jobs in one.  Another film is in the works—Sony optioned the rights to the Steve Jobs book.

•  Filemaker 12 was just released.  Has a ton of new features…good for developers.  They changed the file format to accommodate the new features.  The file format is now .fp12 format.  Should work seamlessly when you upgrade.  Because there’s a new file format so you can’t mix and match….you have to upgrade all the computers to use the new file format.  Always make a copy of your data before you upgrade and then play with the upgraded version—so if necessary you can use the copied version.   There is a Filemaker client for the iPhone and iPad….and in this version it’s free.   You can use Filemaker Go without having Filemaker on your desktop.   But you can’t design a database on your Filemaker Go on your iPhone or iPad.

•  The malware issue—OS X can run application environments.  Java is one of the environments – and Java is made by Oracle.  The malware infects user accounts.  There are scripts that can be run that will detect the malware.   Java is used in Adobe CS.  Apple came up with an update that fixed it for Snow Leopard and Lion.   There is no security update for Leopard or earlier.  With earlier OS you need to upgrade or buy anti-virus software.   Advice:  run your computer as a user rather than an admin to protect your computer.  Installing software and software update usually requires admin level permissions.  This malware only goes into the user data that is running when it gets into the machine.

Check out Flashback OS X on Wikipedia…has good information about the malware.

New iPad 

The day it came out, the web was not available to order because of overload etc. etc.  In the future download your order in advance via the Apple Store app for the iPhone…you can order new products via the app and it works very easily and quickly. And it is easy to book Workshops, One on One, Genius Bar, via the Apple Store app.  And you can buy products in the Apple Store with the app as well.   

Some people say the new iPad gets warm—but they may be gamers using the graphics game engine which gets warm.   Because the battery is larger, it takes longer to charge.   

It has 4 times the resolution of the older iPad.  The higher resolution apps are taking up more storage.  Pages went from 80 mgs to 400mgs (or something like that).  The upgrade apps take up more space – even if you are using an older iPad.  

The new iPad also has a faster LTE – can access the 4G network.

When you get an new iPad>Settings>Cellular Data>enter your name and password and you can move your existing data plan to the new iPad.

•••The dictation feature allows you to dictate notes (only available on the new iPad).   Can be used to dictate email…and it can be used with any application that has a keyboard—not just Apple applications.  You have to be on-line or on Wifi for this feature to work.   The accuracy is very good.


There is a handwriting application for iPad  - my script memo.   Free to download or export…but if you want to send what you have dictated you have to buy it for $2.99.

Paper = iPad app…works well with a finger…great app for artists…can use it to draw…depending on how many times you draw over, color gets darker…and colors will blend.

Free version comes with one pen tool…and you can everything for $7.99, but they are a little cheaper if you buy them one at a time.  

Adonit – sells a stylus – Jot Pro is one of the stylus…has a fine tip.

Voice Assist—$1.99 – faster dictation program than Dragon Dictation…works on all iPads even iPad 1.  And it’s very accurate.  It doesn’t have an feature where you can sent via email.   It does a server translation like Dragon Dictation.  It does get better and better over time with corrections.

If you tell your Siri to speak with a British accent, then Siri will expect that you will speak with a British accent.

Dropbox…your space may have just increased automatically – if you have given the referrals…and it is retroactive.   You can drag and drop web pages from Safari.   You can get more space on Dropbox if you upload a photo…They are beta testing some feature.

Sugar Sync – another good Cloud storage source.