Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-06-11

LAPUG Meeting Notes  6-11-12

Apple made announcements at the WWDC today:

5000 attendees at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco

App Store – has 400 million accounts on the App store

650,000 apps are in the store

225,000 of the apps have been designed for the IPad.

30 Billion apps have been downloaded

$5 Billion have been paid to app developers

Video showing apps that are making a positive difference in the world:

There is a GPS app that helps blind people walk through a forest

Airbnb = app that connects travellers with unusual bed and breakfast places

Whole intro presentation is available on the Apple web site

New Products

New Airport Express – looks like an Apple TV…doesn’t have a power cord integrated into it…it has a cable…dual band…AirPlay audio….this is an alternative to the Extreme.  Has 2 ethernet ports.   Has USB and audio ports.

Could get much, much faster speeds. And has a greater range.  Has guest networking (you have a private network …and now you can have a guest network – with a separate password—and all the guests have is access to the internet, not your devices.)  Airplay allows you to hook up speakers to the Airport express and you can direct music to the speakers from iTunes.   You can set up from the Mac – there is now an Airport Utility…or from iOS.  There is an Airport Utility for IOS and for Lion.   Wireless protection (you can make a list of devices that the Express should work with, it will work with only those devices).   $99.

New Notebooks

MacBook Air- Hasn’t changed shape or size.  New faster processor, now 8 gigs of memory available…up to 512 GB of faster flash storage, USB 3 ports…and price dropped by $100.  Comes standard with Core i5…can upgrade to Corei7.  Flash storages (smaller and lighter than hard drives).   Much faster bandwidth…and runs all Mac apps.  Has a built-in Facetime HD camera.  Battery life has not really changed.  Standby time is up to 30 days.   Has glass multi-touch keyboard…and back lit keys.  Stereo speakers.   There is a new mag-safe power cords – different from the old ones (but there is a $9.99 adapter).   USB 3 is much faster than USB 2 – and faster than Firewire 800.   Also has a Thunderbolt port.  The 13” version has an SD card port.

Thunderbolt is 20x faster than USB 2.0 and is adaptable to USB, Firewire, and Ethernet.  

There are Thunderbolt Adapters …to Firewire 800 and Gigabit Ethernet…If you want a customized version you have to buy it on-line and not in the Apple store.

MacBook Pros
Minor changes – new processor…new video processor…USB 3 ports…faster SSDs…can get a 1 Terabyte 5400 internal hard drive…There is a 13” and a 15” version.  The 17” version has gone away.  Up to 8gs of RAM through Apple…but outside vendors sell 16 gigs of RAM.  Faster graphics. These versions are the same weight as the predessers.   Includes an optical drive.  Battery life is about the same.  It comes with Lion.   On the lower end version 13”  ($1199) does not give you all the options that the more expensive version does.  The 15” versions are less expensive than the previous versions.  There are Configure to Order options.   

MacBook Pro with retina display..weighs slightly less than 13” MacBook Pro.  There is the first laptop with a 4K resolution display.   It is almost as thin as a MacBook Air.   This is 220 ppi.  

There are upgrades to Final Cut and Aperature to take advantage of the retina display.  And there is a version of Photoshop that will support this as well.

2880 x 1800 is what the retina display shows…

Much better quality graphics…29% higher contrast ratio

There are over 3 million more pixels than HD

The MacBook Pro is now a viable option for video editors and audio editors.


New software announced:

IOS 6 (free upgrade)

Maps – up till now they have used Google Maps….but now Apple has bought other companies (C3) and incorporating their maps into IOS 6.  There will be 3D view and fly-over view.

Access to iOS 6 is limited to  iPad 2 and 3.  It will not run on iPad 1.  But it will run on iPhone 3S and later.

Improvements to Siri – access to sports, movies, restaurants (uses Yelp, and Open Table – accesses them with appropriate information).

Facebook is now integrated into the General settings so you log in once.  You can post to Facebook from Safari and the camera, etc.

Shared Photo Streams

Passbook – multiple apps can all be collected into this one app…Like a Target gift card, a Starbucks mobile app, a United Airlines card (boarding pass – tells you about gate changes, Fandango, etc.  

FaceTime – now works over the cellular networks in addition to the Wifi it currently works with

Phone – can automatically reply with a text message…and there is a “remind me later”

Alarm Settings (Do Not Disturb)-  you can tell the phone not to buzz during certain hours….or only from certain numbers.  This depends on you’re not blocking Caller ID because this service depends on identifying the number calling in.

Mail – can specify a VIP email location.  And then you can check the VIP email first.

Safari—Can add Instapaper in Safari….articles get saved to your Instapaper account…the reading glasses in Safari 5 does the same thing…The reading lists in IOS 6 can now be read when you are not connected to the internet.

Accessibility – you can lock the iPad so it only works with one app (good for kids with disabilities).

Find My Phone—new features…you can send a message to the phone that says my phone is lost, please call me and you are the only call the phone will make. And you can also turn on “track the phone” so you can see where the phone has moved.  This doesn’t work if the person with your lost phone turns the phone off.

Find My Friends  get location based texts on the location of your friends.

New Features for China

Mountain Lion – coming out next month….can use it on all your machines…can upgrade without going through Lion to get it…$19.99 to get it.

Mac Pro…some updates….and they have something planned for next year.

New iPad Smart Case….now it covers the back…