Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-10-08

LAPUG Meeting Notes 10-8-12
(Partial as Toni had to leave early)

Upgrade issues to Mountain Lion…There have been issues with Apple IDs.  You can continue using your Apple ID to make purchases.  There is a issue when you have a number of people in the family making purchases.  The store ID account can be used on all the devices you use.  You can continue to purchase with a single Apple ID and have a different address for email, etc.  for every family member.  There is no limit on the number of Apple IDs you can have and you can use them in different ways.  Think about the function of sharing data and buying things as having separate functions.   You can't merge Apple IDs. 

If you back up your iPhone to iCloud and you have to restore all your data to a new phone, it will take a very long time to restore…(like hours).   It will be much faster to restore from your computer.  By the way, it is not backing up apps…they are in the Apple Store.   It doesn't back up music.   iCloud does back up your contacts, mail, etc.

 In IOS 6, on your iPad, you can have an Address book in Facebook….and if you turn it on, it can make those contacts available in Address Book as a separate group.   These will sync.  

If you turn on calendar (in IOS 6) all the events that are in Facebook calendar will show up as a separate calendar in your iCal calendar. You can have more than one Apple ID purchased apps on an iPhone …however, this is complicated….When you log into iTunes you can see an account (Apple ID) at the top right, and then you can see what was purchased with that ID. 

Good app….Screenshotpsd  = good app for creating screenshots with layers….then you need Photoshop to work with them. 

iPhone 5 - thinner, 20% lighter, and longer…can fit it an extra row of icons on the phone.   Uses a retina display. Brighter screen, more saturated colors, uses a faster cellular technology. You can get faster Wifi.  You get 2x as fast processing. Battery management is much better.  You get 8 hrs of 3G talk time.  You can get 10 hrs of watching video.   You get 225 hrs of standby time.   The iSight camera is thinner, but same resolution.  There is a panorama feature.  It also works on a 4GS phone.  You get enhanced audio- 3 microphones- front, back and ?….and noise canceling headphones.  There are re-designed earbuds with 3 speakers in them.   They feel a lot more comfortable, but the quality of the sound doesn't seem that much better.  They have a large 3 button remote.  One person said the sound was dramatically better when he received a call from someone using the iPhone 5. There is a lightning connector.   The phone comes with one - but you need more (the car, etc).  The new connector is very small—and Ben was hoping it might carry higher speeds.  There are 8 pins on the connector.  There is an adapter you can buy so you can connect to older devices - like clock radios, cars, etc.   They are just starting to ship (cost about $30). You can get IOS 6 on the iPhone 4S and 4. For new iPhone 5 cost = $199 for new 16GB with a new 2 year contract with A T & T. $299 for 32 GB with a new 2 yr contract.• Can get a new iPhone 4 for free with a 2 yr contract...

IOS 6 Features:  Settings>Wallpaper>there are new choices.  Settings>Alarm> you can set the alarm and choose a sound or any music on the phone.   Turn off Notifications for the different apps to save battery life.  General>About l>Advertising>Turn on "Limit Ad Tracking".  Can set up "quiet hours" with Settings>Do Not Disturb.  On FaceTime, you can now use it on 3G cellular with an eligible data plan.  New things in Mail…you can designate VIPs.  You can now have multiple email signatures for your different accounts.    Now you can insert a photo or video directly into the mail message…."insert photo or video—tap and hold in the body of the message and then scroll right to get "insert photo or video"... 

Take Panoramic pictures with iPhone 4S and 5…not with iPhone 4. iPhoto Galleries…create an album in iPhoto…and then sync those photos to your phone.  Then create a new Photo Stream, name it and then share it. And you can set up the parameters of who can see it…You can make it public or private.  You can drag any photos that are on the phone into a Photo Stream and then name it and share it. If you have taken movies on your phone, one of the options in the Photos application, is to publish it directly to YouTube. 

Maps ….can give turn by turn directions..and can re-calculate when you take a wrong turn.  Tapping the little arrow in the bottom tells it to note where you are…you can enter a new address to go to…and hit the car icon or arrow at the top and it should give turn by turn directions.  It doesn't do voice turn by turn on the iPhone 4.  And it eats up battery very quickly.   There are Settings for Maps  

New in Calendar…if you turn it sideways you get a week's view.  Nothing new in Contacts. Can launch apps with Siri…Must have 4GS…not 4G.