Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-03-12

It is easier to order the new iPad through the Apple App for the iPhone…

New Features for the new iPad

•  Much faster than iPad 1 and iPad 2…faster processor

•  Retina display…has higher resolution than HD television..more like 3K resolution….260 dpi…much sharper….44% brighter and the colors are more saturated

• 5 megapixel iSight camera…can take 1080P video…and can edit it in iMovie.

•  There is a feature called Face Detection…when taking pictures it can lock on faces and you can set the exposure to a specific face.   

•  Does video image stabilization

•  FaceTime camera (does not have high quality or high resolution – this camera is on the front) and iSight camera

•  Some applications allow you to dictate….it requires an internet connection to work.   Google Translate works really well on the iPhone…but you need internet access—and it is a free app.

•  Instead of 3G, you can get a 4G device..and you can go with Verizon or A T & T….4G LTE is the service, but Sprint doesn’t have it now.

•  The applications are much larger because of the higher resolution of the screen.  All the updated applications have increased in size 2 to 4 times.   The iPad storage is going to fill up quickly.

4G is going to be much, much faster…the coverage is based on where you are and whether that city supports 4G.

IOS 5.1

• IOS 5.1 did an over the air update over Wifi…but the update only updates the new stuff

•  Photo Stream…if you have iPhoto 11 and iCloud, you take pictures they are automatically uploaded to iCloud and then they update on all your devices…up to 1000 pictures.  And then you can pull them off and put them into specific albums in iPhoto…What ‘s new in 5.1 now you can individually delete a specific image from Photo Stream and it will delete from all the devices.  You have to have Lion.   You get 5 gigs for free in iCloud.

• iTunes Match…Genius playlist now goes to the iCloud.

•  iPad…if you listen to podcasts, you can change the speed of the podcast, without changing the pitch.

To get a reminder when you are in a specific location:

Settings>Location Services…lists all the apps which can use location services (gps capable) to camera there is an arrow..means the camera application has used location services in the last 24 hours.  Turn these off to save the battery.   These are iPhone 4S services..   You can tell Siri to remind you of something when you are in a specific location (if you have location services turned on for Reminders application).

Good app for presentations

•  Reflection - $15 app for the Mac…which allows you to use an iPad or iPhone on the same Wifi network and allows you to display the iPad or iPhone on the Mac computer wirelessly.  Only works on Phone 4S.   Really good for demonstrating things to audiences…Can demo the iPad and the iPhone simultaneously on a Mac screen…

Evi = iPhone application which works on non-4S phone…and you get the Siri voice and functionality….99 cents….does location based searching.

You have to be running IOS 5.1 in order to run the updates for iWork, etc.

There is Garage Band and iPhoto apps for $5.

Numbers, Keynote and Pages updates are $10.

iWeb and iDVD are discontinued….although iWeb still works if you have your web site is hosted on a site other than Mobile me.

To burn DVDs, use Toast (Toast 2012…Apple doesn’t support Blue Ray..Toast also burns to Blue Rays…and it includes a Tivo application which allows you to burn the DVD from a Tivo brand recorder).

Everything that identifies your iPad lives on the SIM card.  The first iPad has a larger SIM card than the iPad 2 and the newest iPad so you can’t pop the SIM card out of the first iPad and put into the later models, without physical modifications.

Which service provider is better?

Verizon and AT & T both have global GSM…they work all over the world.

A T & T has a faster 4G speed than Verizon.

A T & T will not support a hot spot feature on the new iPad.

Hot Spot service

New service called Tether..Web based application…$30 per device.

Travelling outside the country

Apple will give you a SIM card in a foreign country for your iPad.  You can’t get it for your iPhone, because your phone is locked to you’re A T & T service provider.

4G is available only in the US or Canada