Toni Pace’s Notes for 2014-07-14

Evernote stores data locally in the Library folder –which is normally inaccessible to you as a user.   However, there are ways to access the Library folder – one of which involves using Terminal. If you want to remove an application from your computer and you want to remove all its supporting files,  You can use App Cleaner….or App Zapper.   Another program you can use is App Delete.   
Web site creation:
Word Press = allows you to have a on-line store….Can update from your iPhone or iPad.  Garry Margolis hosts his site with Word Press. = a service that checks the speed of your internet connection. 
Reminders Application– Apple application that sync reminders between the Mac and IOS.   This is an Apple to-do list application.You can create Folders to create reminders.•  Create the reminder and then move the cursor to the right revealing the “i” which allows you to set a reminder for a location or a time.•  File>New List….allows you to create a folder where you can drag the reminders that are in the same category.•  It works well with Siri on your phone…Talk to Siri…”remember to show magic trick”….Use words:  “Remember to”   or “Remind me” when talking to Siri….and if you tell it at 9pm….It won’t type 9pm in the message, but it will add the time to the reminder.To change Reminder Notification SettingsSettings>Notifications Center> Reminders 
Siri tips
Talk into Siri – what can I say?  Gives you examples of what you can ask Siri.Siri can add Reminders to the Apple Reminders app. 
OmniFocus – Capturing tasks and ideas via keyboard shortcut.  Clip data form Mail, Safari, Messages or 3rd party apps.  Similar to Things.Has an iPhone, iPad and a Mac app.   These are all high end programs.Mac App – has a regular and a pro version ($40 and $80)IOs version - $20 approximately.$100 for the non-pro Mac version, and the iPad and iPhone versionYou have to buy all 3 versions to have it work on the Mac, iPhone and iPad version.  Context = errand, phone call, email, etc.You can do something like Context in Things (Phil believes)…You can use “tags”.Can use Siri to move to dos from Reminders into OmniFocus.Can email Things support and ask them to provide “Folders” for projectsIn Things—Use tags to distinguish ideas from to dos 
To Create Shortcuts:
On MacSystem Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts = list of shortcutsTo create your own shortcut:System Preferences>Keyboard>Text – to add use the + at the bottomOn iPhone>Settings>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts>Add a new shortcut. 
Now works on IOs….available for iPhone and Mac.