Toni Pace’s Notes for 2014-11-10

To create a Media Database to prevent buying music (or movies) that you already have:

Get Text Wrangler…

Save a copy of your music library into Text Wrangler

Drag the copy of music library into Filemaker (but they don’t have field names)

Command Shift D in Filemaker to create field names (which you have gotten from iTunes).

Move the database onto your iPhone…and then bring the list when you go to the store so you don’t buy something you already have.

And store it in Dropbox

If you want to take notes and record it at the same time:

SoundNote work on the Macs and it works on the iPad or the iPhone..

Notability – exists on the Mac, and works on iPad and iPhone

Paranotes – another app for iPhone and iPad  - no longer a print magazine, only a web site.

Available on Zinio

To save an article to read later (extension of Yosemite)—

Pocket – available on the App store, free…It bookmarks the URL..and then you can tag it.  Then when you open the Pocket app, it lets you download the contents of that story and it saves it locally on your hard drive.   It’s made for saving web site stories.  It keeps the list permanently…And they have “smart tags”.

Instapaper – now they have $3 per quarter charge……available on the App store

Malware in the Macworld

There are “good” hackers finding issues that need to be corrected.  It is possible to introduce a virus into the USB hardware of a machine that is permanent.  They showed several versions of a proof of concept.  We don’t know what this means or whether it affects Macs.  Be careful of plugging in cables that you don’t know the source of.  

Wirelurker = an infection from a Chinese web site.

Jailbroken iPhones can be vulnerable – particularly if you connect to a non-Apple app store (maybe in China).  These apps can unload your contacts to the bad guys.

Another danger for jail broken phones:  apps now masquerade as an existing app you already have…and say can replace the app (like Evernote), but that app now has access to all your data in that app.   Only a danger if you jailbreak your phone and buy apps from a non-Apple app store.

“Nova” episode – October/November…is all about hacking…

New Computers

•  iMac 27” 5K retina screen $2499 – entry level machine

•  New Mac Minis…

•  new iPad Air Mini 3 (has retina display and touch id) (has web only Apple Pay)

Why use Apple Pay?

To prevent giving vendors personal information…

If you use Apple Pay, the vendor gets a one time generated “token”…money is generated and the vendor doesn’t get any information about you.   There is no identity information to be stolen.  You program your iPhone with your fingerprint and so it can’t be hacked.

It is only available on iPhone 6 with IOS 8.1

To add it to your iPhone 6:  you go into Settings>Passbook & Apple Pay>add card details>You can press camera and line it up and take a photo of your credit card…those fields are automatically entered>Next (it validates the card from the bank).   To pay…you use the Passbook application. You open your wallet and you choose the card you want to us. and you can make your transaction. It registers your thumbprint.

What’s new in Yosemite (partial list)

•  new design – new fonts

•  Mark-up in Mail….you are mark up a pdf…to mark up a document you want to send.

•  Mail Drop – sending an attachment that may too big…if you are an iCloud user sending to an iCloud user, the file size limit is now 5 gigs.   If you are sending to someone who is not an iCloud user, the attachment gets sent to the iCloud servers, and the receiver gets a notice to click here to download from the iCloud server.  You don’t have to use Hightail.   But it may only work if the sender is an iCloud user.  Limit is 5GBs per message.

• iMessage – you can name the conversation with a number of people. Can add people to an existing thread.  And can also add a “do not disturb” button to leave the conversation for awhile.