Toni Pace’s Notes for 2014-06-09

Re: Apple WWDC Announcements 


• Next version of Mac OS X-Yosemite

• IOS 8

2 Presenters

•  Tim Cook

• Craig Federighi– Software development Chief

IOS 8 look and feel has migrated to OS X-Yosemite

Flatter, layered less dimensional look to the icons

Lots of translucency

It will be easier to see what apps are open in the dock

Toolbars are changed-will be combined into 1 row

Dock looks a little cleaner

Changed the system font – the new one is Helvetica Neue

Can reduce all screens to one window

Notification Center has new features

Spotlight has been moved to the center of the screen—and it searches documents, applications, Google and other web engines, mail, messages, and you can decide the order in which things are reported.  You can also use it to launch your applications (instead of QuickSilver, for example)

Apple Maps in Maverick can share directions with the iPhone and iPad through the Share button at the top of the application window….

Use Firefox or Chrome when searching travel sites…so you get the best rates…Do not use Safari.  Safari users get charged more.

New Mail features

• Can send large attachments with Mail Drop…up to 5 Gigs…if the recipient is an Apple user, the attachment is found in the iCloud of the recipient.

New Messages features

•  Can send text messages to non-Apple users without charge.  Now all text messages will be on your Mac.  All your messages can be sync’d between your phone and computer.  You could dictate your message and it would be turned into text…and now you can send a recording of your message (Soundbite).  And there is also a video choice.  And you can name your threads.   And you can add people to a group during a conversation and take people out of the group during a conversation—and you can remove yourself from the conversation.

New Finder Features

•  Store any file in iCloud drive…and then find it on any device (like Dropbox).  Can only share folders with other iCloud users.  There is a question about whether you could share “live”.

New AirDrop Features

• Mac to Mac and IOS now…Wifi has to be enabled and you have to be on the same Wifi network.  You can send a file to another computer with Air Drop open on both computers by dragging and dropping.  AirDrop is network independent now.

Photos App (coming out later after the release of Yosemite)

Dark Mode = in Finder…similar to what you have in professionals apps – a dark background with lighter text in the foreground.


New feature—You can be starting a document on your iPhone or iPad and then put the device down, and switch to the equivalent app on the Mac and pick up where you left off…called a hand-off.

iPhone and Mac integration-Mac now answers the iPhone

Can use the iPhone and the Mac on the same Wifi network…you get notification that phone is ringing…and you can click the answer button on your Mac and answer the phone.   And an iPad can also answer a call.

iPhone or iPad.. 

in Safari, find the web site…press share button…enter URL…and then do add to home screen…which then takes you to that URL.  Creates buttons for web pages.

Instant Hotspot

If your phone is close to the laptop, your laptop can initiate a link to the iPhone to get on-line when they are in range  You still have to pay for a hotspot with your carrier.

Check out Crash Plan…

New features in IOS 8

•  Messages…tap to add your voice to a text message.

•  Double tap the start button to see recent apps

•  Smart keyboard…it remembers your common words and suggests words best for your message and the recipient.

•  Family sharing….supports sharing purchased content with your family.  Can have up to 6 people in a family share each others apps and music, for free.  All of the accounts must use the same credit card to prove it is a family.