Toni Pace's Notes for 6-14-2010

A T & T and Starbucks will make WiFi free starting July 1. Maybe free access for captive portals...don't know if it were going to be totally unlocked.    And they will be doing in Canada as well.  

Peets Coffee gives you 1 hour of Wifi.

Wifi works on airplanes...called the GoGo service...running on Virgin Airlines, Delta, United...may or may not be free.

Safari 5 - 

You need to get an update for One Password and Flip for Mac for Safari 5.

Feature: Safari top of URl on Reader and it takes away all the clutter of the ads.  And it shows you the entire story.  And when you scroll down to the bottom, you can print without all the clutter..This only works on pages that have ads and multiple columns.

An RSS feed takes away the clutter.

Good Reader - reader application for a variety of file types on the iPad...can read almost anything on the iPad or iPhone..will output whatever you are reading on to a TV set through a VGA adapter.  It will read mp3 files and movies.  Phil uses it as a pdf reader.  Can push one button at the bottom - airport icon...and it goes full screen—it turns the iPad into a server on the wireless network.  And you can see the folder server on the desktop of your computer—and drag files into the folder and it puts them on the iPad.

• If you receive a file as an email attachment, you can open it in GoodReader.

• In drop box, you can move files from Dropbox to iPad.  It also works with other services—like Mobile Me, Google Docs..It also works with any ftp server. Can view documents and save them on your iPad.

• New feature—take the VGA dongle and it into your iPad and Good Reader can show whatever pdf you are viewing to the screen.

You can plug an iPad into a projector.

The video app can show onto a projector as well.

If you download a movie through iTunes, you can't display the movie on a projection screen.  But you can display movies that you don't buy through iTunes...You Tube will display.

Check out iPhone 4 keynote presentation on

Can subscribe to the keynote presentation on iTunes.

iPhone 4 operating system and phone announced.

Price and contracts

•  If your contract expires this year, you can buy a new phone this year at the discounted price-but you have to sign up for a new 2 year contract.

• check in and check your will see a link that tells you when you are eligible to upgrade.  •639# on your phone will text you when you are eligible for an upgrade. - blog which has posts about Verizon and T-Mobile as carriers.  A T & T can serve more clients than Verizon.  Verizon is moving to LTE in 2011.  In 2011 the technology will be the same for Verizon and A T & T.  The current 3G you have on iPhone should be able to handle 7 megabits per second.  The LTE will support up to 100 megabits per second.

A T & T Data Plans

iPad data plan for 3G - 250 mb per month for $15 and then get another 250 mb or the $30 unlimited plan...initially.  Then 10 days ago A T & T dropped the unlimited plan if you didn't sign up for it by June 7.  Now they have a 2gig cap for $25 and if you exceed the 2 gig cap, your internet shuts down, and then you have to pay more.  And they reduced the 250 mb plan to 200 mb for $15.  But you can turn it on and if you stop the unlimited plan, you will never be able to re-active the unlimited plan again.  You can go into Settings on the iPad and go to Cellular Data>View get data about your account.

iPhone 4

New features:

•  front facing camera which will allow you to do video chatting with someone else using an iPhone 4—he called if FaceTime.  He implied that there will be other devices this year that will have front facing camera-like maybe the iPad.

You have to have a wifi connection to the internet to use this.  Can't use it with 3G.

•  Goes on sale June 24th....Pre-orders start on June 15th...

•  Multi-tasking is not supported on the 3G phone.

•  Upgrades to OS 4 are free and start on June 21

•  All your apps should just port over.

•  Has a 5 megapixel camera - will buy your old electronics....can sell your old 3G phone...they send  you a box and when you send it to them they send you a check...Someone else can sign up for a new 2 yr plan.

There is a new application for the iPhone—iMovie for iPhone...$5.  can xfer the finished movie to your desktop.  Can upload your raw footage to your desktop...but you can't upload the iMovie project.

Layer - a app that is specifically for the iPhone 4.



Develop>Turn on Extensions


Useful iPad apps..

•  there is an app for your iPhone which allows you to add text to a Photo...Phil created a text overlay in Photoshop and put his name and phone number on it and then make it the home screen on the iPad...You need 1024 x 1024 dimensions - so you can make it your home screen or lock screen picture.  Make it a picture stored in iPhoto....

•  Twitter client for app Twitter 3.0...and it's free.  not yet available for the iPad...Free twitter apps for iPad...twitterific and tweetdeck.  New one that came out over the weekend—Osforra-$2.  Brings in all your tweets from different people. It tells you how many are unread, and how many are addressed to you and mention your name, and how many are private direct messages just to you.

Telephone hand-set - headset for USB...can make Skype calls from your laptop.

Available on get a discount if you put in LAPUG as a code.  Display on the handset will load up your contacts for Skype.

Handset was $39.95.  Got it on Amazon and got in 2 days.

They also sell portable speakers - with a little cable that plugs between them.  Don't require any external power - only battery...entirely bluetooth. Can use with iPad and iPhone.  There's a volume control right on the speaker.

System Preferences>Bluetooth....have to make the device discoverable by turning the power on on the device.

RSS Readers 

•  Reeder - $2 - allows you to synchronize the app you have on the iPad and with your Google reader..

•  Instapaper allows you to save the contents of a story into the app so you can read it off when you are flying

•  Pulse - works in both orientations...WebMD is a good source (use an alias to connect to them because they will never let you go—will not let you unsubscribe).

•  Mashable - another app...that allows you to read RSS feeds...

•  Color Splash - adds color to b/w images in the areas you want and the reverse as well...


•  Word Slam 

•  Fastfinga - app that allows you to write with your finger (in script).  Can choose different colors and line weights.  There is an erase feature, a pen feature....Can email it to yourself—and you get the handwriting.

•  Google Earth app is now on the iPad

•  iAnnotatepdf- you can put a URL of a PDF....and can open pdf attachments to your email....and you can mark it up and can put in post-it notes....And can put in a comment...This uses the Adobe Acrobat standards and you can email these documents and they can be read by Acrobat on your laptop.  May cost $9.

•  iQuake- tells you how strong an earthquake is..It uses Google Maps and it shows you all the hot spots where there were earthquakes recently.