October 12, 2015


OS X El Captian is here! For those of you keeping score, this is officially version 10.11 of the venerable Mac OS. It promises to be an exciting (free) successor to Yosemite and most reviewers have noted it's faster, cleaner and more refined.  Rather than going to a whole new name, Apple selected "El Capitan" to reflect that it's a better version of Yosemite. We'll spend our  time discussing how to upgrade, whether your Mac is capable of running El Capitan, and what major features this new OS will bring.

Also, now that iOS 9 has been out for a while, we'll point out a few new features that escaped us back on launch day. You'll like these!  And, we'll show off some of the new features in iPhone 6S now that we have a few on hand!