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Need some help with your Mac for home or your office? Professional Apple Certified Consultants are just an email or phone call away.  Many of our user group leaders are members of Apple’s Consultant Network. You can get a full listing from Apple’s web site. Just pop in your zip code and the closest consultants will show up in the list.

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TidBITS, begun in 1990, is an online newsletter and Web site, devoted to the person behind the most personal of personal computers, the Macintosh. TidBITS relates events and products to real life uses and concerns. New TidBITS issues go out every Monday night; articles appear on the Web site throughout the week.

Take Control Books

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From the Tidbits team, Take Control Books are practical ebooks that cover much more detail than a magazine article but that are shorter, more focused, and more timely than a typical printed book. Take Control books are written for the typical OS X and iOS user and provide a bunch of information in an easy to read format. LAPUG members receive a 30% discount.

Online Resources

Here is a starter list of online resources that provide daily news and information of happenings in the Apple world.